Brownfields to Economic Development via Heritage Tourism

Tourism is on the rise and is destined to become a firm part of those locations that are cultivated for the opportunities. Brownfield properties have been defined as historic structures’, natural sites, battlefields, campsites, and even mines that can be used to create a genuine authentic destination that will attract the tourist traffic and revenue.

Training Objectives:
– To coordinate activities to provide housing for Indian tribes, their members, and to promote self-sufficiency of Indian tribes and their members
– To promote the development of private capital markets in Indian country and to allow such markets to operate and grow, thereby benefiting Indian communities

  • Instructor:

    Eugene Goldfarb

    , University of Illinois – Chicago/Great Lakes Environmental Planning, Inc.
  • Eugene Goldfarb was the Midwest Environmental Officer for 15 years and retired from a 30 year career with HUD in 2004. Eugene was a certified planner (AICP) from 1981-2012 and continues to be a licensed attorney. He teaches courses on environmental assessment and sustainability for the Universities of Illinois-Chicago and Johns Hopkins. Eugene has written articles on HUD environmental practice for HUD’s research journal, Cityscape, and a chapter on the “Sustainable City” for the University of Illinois’s open source textbook on sustainability. He is a member of the KSU TAB (Technical Assistance for Brownfields) team supported by USEPA and was one of the principal architects of the “Nuts & Bolts of Brownfield Development.” Eugene is currently working with The Cloudburst Group designed HUD’s planned online training.

  • Category:

    Economic Development, Financial Wellness

  • Offered: online
  • Start: April 23, 2019 -
  • End: April 23, 2019 -