Business Idea Evaluation: Part 1 & 2

Business Idea Generation: Part 1

Across Indian Country individuals are looking for ways to overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency by creating small businesses. For many, especially those living in remote reservation communities, identifying a viable business opportunity is challenging. This webinar is designed for those individuals wanting to start a new business, or expand an existing business who want to explore ideas for expanding current offerings. Participants will learn how to generate business ideas based on strategies which helps ensure a greater chance of success through examination of one’s skills, previous work experience, hobbies and interests as well as the cultural and natural resources which are inherently unique to their community. This webinar is based on the Business Idea Generation (BIG) workshop which has been taught in Native communities throughout the western United States. The course was developed by the IDRS Acorn Project after realizing many individuals attending business planning courses had not even identified a business idea which they could pursue through the business planning process.

Business Idea Generation: Part 2

The Business Idea Evaluation is part 2 of the Business Idea Generation workshop which helps participants evaluate the feasibility of starting or expanding a small business. This approach is the very first stage of business planning and helps the entrepreneur determine early in the process if the business idea is one which should be further developed through a formal business plan.

Training Objectives:
– Determining the financial feasibility of their business idea through a simple break-even analysis
– Conducting preliminary research using both primary and secondary market research tools

  • Instructor:

    Lynn Wilson (Cherokee)

  • Lynn Wilson is an enrolled member of Cherokee Nation. She graduated from Northeastern State University with a BBA in Meetings and Destination Management and received her MBA and professional certification in entrepreneurship from Cameron University. She is also the Services and Contracts Manager for ONABEN – Our Native Business Network. In this role Lynn ensures the successful completion of contractual services provided to ONABEN customers as well as conduction and coordinating many of the training services provided by ONABEN. Training includes onsite trainings as well as live webinars.

  • Category:

    Economic Development, Financial Wellness

  • Offered: online
  • Start: June 27, 2019 -
  • End: June 27, 2019 -