Cost Allocations in Your Accounting System

One of the most difficult and sometimes time consuming aspects of an accounting system is the proper allocation of cost among grants/contracts and other segments of your accounting system. Some costs can be directly associated with certain grants or contacts but other shared or pooled cost must be allocated based on some approved method of allocation. This course will serve to identify those shared costs and how your accounting system must be set up in order to be able to track and ultimately allocate those costs. This may be done through distribution codes or a cost allocation module.

Training Objectives:
The objective of this course will be to help the attendee to understand the concept of cost allocation and why it is so important. Attendees will also be given some guidance on how your accounting system should be setup to allow for cost allocations and review some methods and tools for cost allocations

  • Category:

    Economic Development, Financial Wellness

  • Offered: online
  • Start: June 11, 2019 -
  • End: June 11, 2019 -