How to Invest Your Money Wisely and Strategically

Investing in the stock market can be both fun and scary at the same time. Unfortunately, the average investor jumps into investing blindly and emotionally, just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Without proper financial education and an investment strategy, the opportunity to capture and keep investment gains is bleak. In this workshop, you will learn about basic wealth building concepts, such as the Rule of 72, tax advantageous accounts, and how to invest your money strategically in the stock market.


Training Objectives:

– The “Wealth Formula”

– How to make your money work for you using the Rule of 72

– What type of investor you are

– How to pick investments in the stock market

– How to invest and pay the least amount of taxes

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  • Offered: Online
  • Start: August 3, 2018 -
  • End: August 3, 2018 -