Leadership Training 2017


Much of the academic literature, surrounding the discipline of leadership, has its foundations within the Indigenous mindset. While little to no formal credit is assigned to Native people, the fundamental concepts of leadership theory can easily be traced through the lineage and qualitative story telling within Indian Country. This four day Leadership Training will provide Native American community leaders and those seeking to learn more about leadership with interactive Leadership Training. The participants will increase the understanding and awareness of effective leadership principles. Each day will have a targeted topic including Foundations of Leadership and Effective Leadership Principles. 

Day 1- Foundations of Leadership Course includes highly interactive review of the leadership discipline as currently understood by academicians. The second part of this day will review the Indigenous concepts of life, leadership, and what it means (or has meant) to lead. 

Course Objectives: Students will gain understanding of several leadership theories and gain greater understanding of the powerful connections made within Indian Country. 

Day 2-Understanding Identity and Leadership (Assessments) Course includes highly interactive review of identity surrounding leadership discipline. This course is designed to provide a reflective understanding of the leader. Various assessments will be conducted to help the student more fully realize their identity and leadership capabilities. This day is focused on the individual and will serve as a foundation for advanced leadership training in future courses. 

Course Objectives: Students will gain understanding of the identity nuances surrounding leadership 

Day 3-The Visible Glue of Good and Bad Leadership Course includes highly interactive review of culture within the United States and more specifically within Indian Country. Students will share their own ideas of leadership during this day and will beginning to form future ideas to assist in improving cultural wellness. This course is designed to provide a direct view of cultural challenges for Native people; its structure will be calm and highly reflective on the student’s life. This day will be challenging for the student and is designed to carefully provide ample room for self-assessment. 

Course Objectives: Students will gain understanding of what the leadership culture looks, feels, and sounds like. 

Day 4-The Leadership Conversation -Course includes student perspectives on what they have learned, will apply at home or work, and discussion surrounding ideas on “what exactly is a leader”. Students will engage each other to develop a greater understanding of the moral perspectives underpinning leadership. Course Objectives: Students will verbally provide feedback and their understanding of leadership. 

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