Planning Your Tribal Renewable Energy Project: Serles 1; Take Control of Your Energy Understanding

Tribes have had an increased interest in the development of renewable energy projects for a variety of reasons. The scope and type of projects vary as much as the number of Tribal Nations across the country. Individuals will gain a better understanding of energy, the cost of electricity and the general energy market What are a kilowatt-hour (kWh) and calculating kWh to understand their overall energy cost? Learn fundamental energy terminology, types of energy sources and how the electrical system works which are essential at the beginning of the planning process.

Training Objectives:

  • Explain energy terminologies, an overview of how electric power is generated and transmitted on the U. electric grid. Gain an understanding of energy concepts
  • Obtain an overview of how the energy market works to assist you in developing the initial planning and formation of a renewable energy project
  • Identify the considerations and options for planning renewable energy resource development on tribal lands
  • Instructor:

    Michelle Holiday

    , Michelle Holiday
  • Michelle Holiday

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  • Offered: online
  • Start: September 12, 2019 -
  • End: September 12, 2019 -