Planning Your Tribal Renewable Energy Project: Serles 2; Evaluate the Considerations In the Development of Planning a Renewable Energy Project

There are key considerations in planning the early stages of a renewable energy project. Identifying needs and opportunities of the Tribe, the type of renewable resources available, the project location, reviewing different technologies are a few factors to evaluate the scope of your tribal energy plan. In the planning process being able to determine ff a renewable energy project is an endeavor that would be beneficial for the Tribe, requires an analysis that can direct the path(s) for the desires energy goal(s).

Training Objectives:

  • To discuss what are the considerations that should be incorporated into the energy How do they impad the Tribe’s decision-making in creating an energy plan? How can you promote and support members interest and acceptance of a project?
  • Evaluate what considerations should be addressed and prioritizing
  • Assess what are the Tribal capabilities to promote renewable energy
  • Instructor:

    Michelle Holiday

    , Michelle Holiday
  • Michelle Holiday

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  • Start: September 17, 2019 -
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