What is a ROSS Program and Eligible Funding Requirements

The ROSS Program is a HUD grants opportunity to fund the positions of Service Coordinators for qualifying Tribal Self-Sufficiency Programs. A Self-Sufficiency Program provides supportive services that enable participants to increase earned income while reducing to possibly eliminating the need for Tribal service assistance. Effective service coordination increases positive Tribal community sustainability plus Tribal resident housing independence combined with individual personal fulfillment.


Training Objectives:

-What is a ROSS-SC program

-Access to ROSS funding opportunity and program NOFA

-Qualified entity, application, and submission

-Application amendments, grace period, terms, and deadlines

-Available, eligible use of funds

-New and renewable applications

-Funding restrictions, ineligible activities, direct and indirect cost

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  • Offered: Online
  • Start: August 2, 2018 -
  • End: August 2, 2018 -