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Money Skills for Life: Financial Stability in 2015 | Webinar Series
Instructor: Chris Smith, Awesome Financial Future

Day 1 – The Core Concepts
December 15, 2014
2 pm to 3 pm EST

Course Description:
Money Skills for Life is a five part webinar series. Although each of the webinars can stand on its own, many of the most powerful concepts are built upon one another – like the layers of a pyramid. So, to get the maximum benefit, it is recommended that you attend all five webinars in the series.

In this first webinar, we start with the most important, fundamental concepts first. These are the “critical few” ideas that everything else in personal finance is based on; the better you understand these right from the start, the easier it will be to learn everything else that follows. Most people expect that learning about money management involve lots of financial formulas and fancy math. But the truth is that wisely managing your money is 90% mental, and only 10% math – and you won’t need any math beyond basic arithmetic. In this webinar, we’ll explore the most important of these “mental” aspects. You won’t need to bring a calculator to this one, just an open mind!

Course Objectives:
• Case Study: The story of Mary Muckleshoot;
• The right financial mindset;
• Common myths and misconceptions;
• What is personal finance about, and why is it so important? (Hint: It’s not about the money!)
• Measuring your financial condition – Lessons from “the Net Worth Bathtub.”
• The spending vs. savings “speedometer.”
• Lifestyle – looks can be deceiving!
• Compound interest – the most powerful force in finance;
• Right brain vs. left brain;
• The good news and the bad news about willpower;
• Wisely dealing with financial windfalls.

Day 2 – Building a Strong Financial Foundation
December 16, 2014
2 pm to 3 pm EST

Course Description:

You want your financial future to be built on a rock solid foundation – and that’s what this webinar is all about. There are certain financial processes and activities that you deal with very frequently – every year, every month, maybe even every day. These are “building blocks” of your financial foundation, and it’s important that they’re set up wisely right from the start. Examples include everything from where to set up your bank accounts, to how to manage everyday spending decisions with an effective budgeting process, to wisely building a strong credit score. In this fast paced webinar, we’ll cover key fundamentals you’ll need to know to put your financial future on a strong foundation.

Course Objectives:

• Bank accounts – where and what kind?
• Your emergency fund;
• Credit cards – “always use a credit card, never use credit”
• Wisely building your credit score;
• Golden rule #1: Pay Yourself First;
• Golden rule #2: Your Magic Number;
• Budgeting – Understanding streams vs. pops;
• Budgeting – The four part cycle;
• Budgeting – Tools available to you;
• Budgeting – Tops tips for long-term success.

Day 3 – Big Ticket Items – Cars and Houses
December 17, 2014
2 pm to 3 pm EST

Course Description:

Even if you’re doing everything else right with your money, a misstep on a big ticket item can set you back a long way. Cars and houses are life’s biggest purchases, so it’s essential to get them financially right. But most people don’t get them right – or not nearly as right as they could have – simply because nobody has ever taught them the most important financial principles. Attending this webinar will give you the knowledge, and the confidence you need to pursue these “big ticket” purchases wisely.

Course Objectives:
• Why purchasing an asset is different from other spending;
• “Net Price” – the key concept when buying a car or house;
• The concept of distinguishing “resale winners” from “resale losers.”
• The most common mistakes on big ticket items – and how to avoid them;
• The smart way to buy a vehicle;
• The perfect vehicle loan;
• Housing – rent or buy?
• Buying a house – the most important fundamentals;
• How mortgages work;
• Buying a house – Understanding tribal programs.

Day 4 – Money Skills for Life Series: Long-Term Investing
December 18, 2014
2 pm to 3 pm EST

Course Description:
Long-term investing is the powerful and essential tool that will allow you to achieve true financial freedom. But it’s not about making high-risk trades, following the financial media 24/7, or trying to “outsmart the market.” Instead, it’s about taking a wise, safe, and well-established strategy, and consistently following it month after month, and year after year. The strategy we’ll cover provides you with the best protection against market risk, inflation, fees and commissions, and income taxes. In this webinar, you’ll discover that successful long-term investing is a lot simpler to understand – and to do – than you probably ever dreamed.

Course Objectives:

• Long vs. short term investing – two entirely different things;
• Goal of long term investing;
• Stocks vs. bonds vs. other investment alternatives;
• Is the stock market safe for long term investing?
• Tax advantaged accounts – 401(k)s and IRAs;
• Roth (after-tax) vs. Traditional (pre-tax) accounts;
• Target date funds;
• Case study – Tribal employee’s 401(k) decisions;
• Getting help from a financial professional – do’s and don’ts.

Day 5 – The Three-Phase Path to a Bright Financial Future
December 19, 2014
2 pm to 3 pm EST

Course Description:
The previous webinars have shown you a great deal about what to do and how to do it. But as important as this knowledge is, there’s still one thing missing: it’s important to do the right things at the right time, and in the right order! And the right time and right order depend on what your current situation is. In this webinar, we break your financial life into three distinct phases – with simple, specific and understandable goals for each phase. It’s like getting a personal roadmap to your own strong financial future, along with a “you are here” arrow. With this roadmap, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom!

Course Objectives:

• A quick but comprehensive reminder of the key points we’ve already covered;
• The red phase – the two requirements to get out!
• The yellow phase – fast or slow, the choice is yours;
• The green phase – true financial freedom;
• A visit to your future self;
• Resources available to keep learning;
• Share the knowledge!

Start: December 15, 2014 2:00 pm
End: December 19, 2014 3:00 pm
Offered: Online