Cultivate Your Knowledge in Tribal Agritourism: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

A Free Webinar under First Nations Development Institute’s “First Nations Knowledge” Webinar Series 

2 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time
(1 p.m. Pacific / 3 p.m. Central / 4 p.m. Eastern)
Thursday, July 27

Agritourism presents a unique opportunity for tribes to draw tourists to their communities, with the resulting economic benefit, while preserving and growing localized food sources and production. Additionally, a reinvestment in local and Indigenous cuisine can help to improve and strengthen local food systems, leading to greater food security and access to healthier food within the community. Cultural tourists (a growing segment of the travel industry) want to experience tribal lands, art, food and cultures, with Native farmers and ranchers finding new income by inviting visitors to their lands. Food stands, u-pick and food festivals provide direct-to-consumer sales. Traditional foods and farm-to-table cuisine make Native restaurants stand out. Hunting and fishing provide extraordinary experiences for the outdoor tourist. This workshop will demonstrate successful agritourism models, clarify insurance and risk management issues unique to this segment, and introduce marketing opportunities for tribal agritourism programs and businesses.

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Participants will:

  • Develop familiarity with market trends related to culinary and agricultural tourism.
  • Build an understanding of the variety of visitor experiences based on culinary and agritourism assets, as well as the types of visitors who seek such experiences.
  • Become familiar with existing efforts to develop and promote agricultural and culinary tourism.
  • Gain common understanding of the specific opportunities and challenges facing tribal communities with respect to increasing culinary and agricultural tourism.
  • Learn how to identify your area’s assets that are best suited for culinary and agricultural tourism development, and ways in which these assets can be strengthened and connected for high-quality visitor experiences and local economic benefit.
  • Identify and prioritize strategies for increased culinary and agricultural tourism development.
  • Learn about the only consumer-facing destination website dedicated to promoting cultural tourism in Indian Country – – and an opportunity for tribes and tribal cultural tourism programs and tribal businesses, including tribal agritourism programs and products, to participate and showcase their products on the website at no cost (due to a partnership with AIANTA and the Bureau of Indian Affairs).

Presenters:  Sandra Anderson, American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association, Inc. (AIANTA) and Dan Moore, Pandion Consulting and Facilitation

SANDRA ANDERSON – American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association, Inc. (AIANTA)

Sandra is the manager of Indian Country’s first destination website, NativeAmerica.Travel. Originally from Fort Defiance, Arizona, Sandra is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and is from the Towering House clan and born for the Towering House clan. Her maternal grandfather is from the Meadow People clan and her paternal grandfather is from the Bitter Water clan.

Sandra received her Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology and a second Bachelor of Arts degree in Native American studies from the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque. She completed her Master’s in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) with an emphasis in Indigenous Planning (iD+Pi).

DAN MOORE – Pandion Consulting and Facilitation

Dan is the CEO and Lead Facilitator with Pandion Consulting. He specializes in designing cutting-edge tourism education products. His vast operations knowledge, including guide training, permitting, sustainability, and staff management, is what differentiates Pandion from other consultancies. Dan sits on several nonprofit boards, and is a member of the faculty for Adventure EDU, the education and consulting arm of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. He also teaches Ecotourism, Adventure Travel, and Guide Training at Peninsula College in Washington State and is the Chair of the International Adventure Travel Guide Training & Performance Standard Governance Board.