National Native Homeownership Coalition – BIA Indian Affairs Mortgage Handbook

The National Native Homeownership Coalition (NNHC) is pleased to share the newly released Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Indian Affairs Mortgage Handbook (52 IAM 4-H).

The BIA Handbook represents the work of many people across the agency and industry – it is a big step forward in streamlining the BIA mortgage process. A special thanks to Sharlene Roundface, Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Real Estate Services, as well as to the members of the NNHC Leasing and Title Subcommittee for their efforts on this important assignment. 

Please share the BIA Handbook widely – put it in the hands of anyone involved in homeownership on trust lands.

The NNHC hopes to facilitate a training on the BIA Handbook in the near future.