A public-private collaboration to narrow the digital divide for families with school-age children who live in HUD-assisted housing.  Program has launched in 28 communities.   Stakeholders provide free and low-cost:

—  High-speed Internet at Home;    —  Computers;     —  Digital Literacy Training

ConnectHome Nation expects to welcome more than 100 communities with the goal of connecting 350,000 residents of HUD-assisted housing by 2020.  These communities will be diverse in both size and geography.

EveryoneOn, the current nonprofit lead for the ConnectHome pilot that was created to bridge the digital divide in 28 pilot communities, will lead this expansion effort. ConnectHome will be rebranded as “ConnectHome Nation” to capture its new national scope

  • All communities, both pilot and new, will be involved in a community of practice, which will include mentorship meetings and a yearly ConnectHome Nation summit.

As part of this expansion, new communities will have access to the following:

—  Access to stakeholder commitments;

—  Continued assistance with stakeholder negotiation by EveryoneOn as communities seek to add new stakeholders to the initiative;

—  Monthly webinars with EveryoneOn for help with local efforts and best practices;
Access to a mentorship community to help guide progress; and,

—  Access to the Digital ConnectHome Platform, which includes resources and collateral created for ConnectHome and serves as a space for communities to connect, ask questions, and collect data.

Communities can apply to be part of ConnectHome Nation on the program’s website, starting on July 17, 2017. To learn more, visit and to sign up for updates NOW

Read EveryoneOn’s blog post about the ConnectHome Nation expansion: