Delivery Methods

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To meet the wide variety of learning styles that best serve Indian Country, the NLC offers courses and trainings through several delivery methods. From on-site to web-based trainings, the NLC allows learners to connect with us in a variety of ways that best fit their individual needs.

On-Site Training

nlc_logo1The NLC hosts a series of on-site trainings throughout the year, both at its headquarters located in Hollywood, FL, and other locations within Indian Country. These on-site trainings give leaners a direct connection with NLC instructors and their peers. On-site learning focuses on teaching methods for all learning styles, delivering course curriculum to multiple individuals who are physically present in a traditional educational setting. This delivery method is ideal for people who prefer networking with others, participating in group activities, hands-on learning, and face-to-face interaction.

Web-Based Training

kerretc_logo_nlcThe NLC offers web-based training, primarily delivered via webinars, that learners can access live or on-demand. Accessing Kerretv Online (Key-thee-duh, Creek word for “Learning”), our online learning environment, is easy and free. Kerretv Online also houses additional resources and presentation materials provided by our instructors which can be easily downloaded. This delivery method is ideal for people with limited time and/or prefer to work at their own pace.Visit to learn more.