FREE HUD Office of Native American Programs Regional Trainings (Oct. 2017)

Financial Management and Record Keeping for Tribes / TDHEs

Sept. 27-28, 2017 –   Phoenix, AZ

This free course covers the basic administrative requirements that pertain to the use of Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) funds distributed to tribes and tribal housing programs in accordance with the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA). During this course, students will learn how to develop financial planning strategies for a tribal housing program, the basics of developing an operational budget for a tribal housing program, and how to budget for various projects under NAHASDA. Students will discuss the skills required to perform the responsibilities related to sound financial management and the methods for complying with 2 CFR 200. Students will also participate in skill building exercises and case studies.


Tribal Housing Maintenance

Oct. 3-4 –  Bismarck, ND

Participants at this free 2-day interactive training will receive instruction based on real-life examples on how to successfully operate an effective maintenance program. The training will discuss budgeting and oversight, policies, staff roles in carrying out a range of maintenance activities, work order systems, preventative maintenance, unit turn-around, health and safety violations, homeowner maintenance, and team safety.

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Environmental Review Training for Tribes / TDHEs 

Oct. 10-12  –  Reno, NV

Learn the ins and outs of environmental review. This 3-day training offers IHBG Grantees the skills to successfully carry out an environmental review. Training will include detailed instructions on meeting the legislative and regulatory requirements of environmental review, assistance in devising standard procedures for conducting and documenting an environmental review, specific instruction for carrying out environmental review responsibilities, levels of environmental review, and key steps in the environmental review process. As we answer questions common to the environmental review process, tribes and TDHEs will be encouraged to share advice and best practices, to help you avoid common pitfalls. A special overview of the Lead-Based Paint requirements (24 CFR Part 35) that apply to IHBG funded activities will be presented on the afternoon of Day 3.

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Demystifying the Self-Monitoring Process 

Oct. 19 –  Free Webinar

Self-Monitoring is the means by which the Tribe or TDHE fulfills its public trust responsibilities and is empowered to monitoring its own projects, collect project data and documentation, keep staff engaged, conduct inspections of HUD-funded projects and improve and evaluate program project performance in accordance with performance objectives and measures. Section 403(b) of NAHASDA, 24 CFR § 1000.502(a) and Self-Determination dictate that recipients of IHBG funds are responsible for monitoring grant activities, ensuring compliance with applicable federal requirements and monitoring performance goals under the IHP. The recipient is responsible for preparing at least annually; a compliance assessment in accordance with section 403(b) of NAHASDA; a performance report covering the assessment of program progress and goal attainment under the IHP; and an audit in accordance with the Single Audit Act, as applicable. The recipient’s monitoring should also include an evaluation of the recipient’s performance in accordance with performance objectives and measures. Where the recipient is a TDHE, the grant beneficiary (Indian tribe) is responsible for monitoring programmatic and compliance requirements of the IHP and NAHASDA by requiring the TDHE to prepare periodic progress reports including the annual compliance assessment, performance and audit reports. This webinar covers self-monitoring as required by ONAP and is designed to assist in developing an effective program to monitor activities and ensure compliance and internal controls. Discussion includes the basics in development of an organizational system to meet compliance requirements.

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Tribal Housing Procurement & Contract Management 

Oct. 24-25 –  Oklahoma City, OK

This training course provides guidance for recipients and sub-recipients of Indian Housing Block Grants (IHBG) on the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment, and services necessary for the efficient and economical operation, maintenance, development, rehabilitation, and modernization of low-income housing programs in compliance with applicable Federal laws, Executive Orders, and regulations, including 24 CFR Part 1000 and 2CFR Part 200.

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Tribal Pathways Home 

Oct. 30 – Nov. 3 –  Albuquerque, NM

Participants will learn how to deliver a comprehensive homebuyer education program designed to help educate prospective native homebuyers on how to become successful homeowners. The curriculum is specifically tailored for Native American communities.
Participants will also learn the most effective methods to help potential homebuyers determine what is best for them; to build a new home or to buy an existing one. Other areas covered in this curriculum include understanding the mortgage loan process, how to prepare a family budget, how to improve credit profiles, how to avoid the pitfalls of predatory lending, foreclosure prevention strategies, and how the family can maintain the home and their personal finances after the purchase. Instructors specialize in homebuyer education and include culturally relevant teaching techniques in the classroom.