Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) seeks tribal Co-Hosts for 2018 National Tribal Forum on Air Quality!

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) and the National Tribal Air Association (NTAA) are looking for tribes and/or inter-tribal organizations interested in co-hosting the 2018 National Tribal Forum on Air Quality (NTF). The NTF is a premier national conference focused on improving air quality and addressing the impacts of climate change that draws approximately 200 environmental professionals from tribes, state and federal agencies, and other organizations from across the country. For information about past conferences, please visit the ITEP website:

Co-hosting this important event is an excellent way to showcase your program, share your stories, and affirm your commitment to environmental sustainability. There is no requirement that financial or logistical support be offered by the tribal co-host. Tribal co-hosts will have the opportunity to meet with various federal officials and staff, interact with environmental professionals from across the country, present on their environmental projects, and be involved in the planning and delivery of the event, and more!

Interested tribes or tribal organizations should submit a proposal detailing the types of support they are willing and able to offer as a co-host including any recommendations for lodging, meeting venues, and/or other amenities, if available. This is not a formal request for meeting facility proposals, nor is the respondent required to have adequate meeting facilities at their disposal. However if the tribe or organization wishes to provide a proposal from an appropriate lodging and/or meeting facility, it must be submitted separately and in accordance with the “18NTF_MeetingRFP” available from ITEP or NTAA. Additionally, more than one tribe or organization may collaborate on a proposal to serve as co-hosts. Proposals for tribal co-host must be submitted per the information below no later than September 8, 2017.

Benefits to the tribal co-host:

  • Exclusive access to invited upper-level officials and staff from EPA and other federal agencies
  • Showcase environmental projects, achievements, endeavors, challenges to a national audience
  • Attract conference attendees to local area and businesses, including local artisans
  • Prominent recognition on all publications, announcements, and advertising
  • Waived conference registration fees for all tribal employees and community members
  • Complimentary exhibit space for poster displays and/or outreach materials

Opportunities for contributing:

Co-hosts are invited, but not expected, to participate directly in the event planning and execution. Co-hosts are encouraged to offer any types of support or assistance they are willing to dedicate to this event, large or small. Examples of suggested ways the tribal co-host can contribute include:

  • Formal sponsorship of overall event
  • Welcoming speaker and/or invocation
  • Site visits or tours at tribal monitoring or other project sites
  • Transportation to/from conference and/or local area
  • On-site support (staff, logistics, etc.)
  • Traditional cultural performances or activities
  • Meals, refreshments, and/or entertainment
  • Deliver presentation(s) and/or poster(s) of tribal projects
  • Assist with planning conference agenda, speakers, etc.
  • Outreach to potential sponsors and vendors
  • Connect with local press and outreach to community

Proposals should address the following items as completely as possible, and may include additional information if desired. Questions? Contact ITEP at the information below.

  1. Describe why you are interested in being a co-host for the 2018 NTF.
  2. Describe how your tribe would like to participate/contribute as co-host. You may identify items from the suggestions above, or propose others that work for your situation. Where applicable, please indicate which items you are currently prepared to commit to and those which are possible, but not definite.
  3. Describe your organization’s ability to help organize field trips to nearby points of interest (related to tribes and/or air quality management), including recommendations on possible options.
  4. Describe your organization’s ability to coordinate a “Fun Run/Walk” or other extracurricular activity as an added feature for the Forum. What past experiences have you or others you work with had in organizing a Fun Run/Walk (eg. securing permits, conducting outreach, providing on-site support, etc.)
  5. Please describe any meeting venues and/or lodging options available for a group of approximately 250 individuals, and a minimum of 10,000 square feet of flexible meeting space. Though preferred, the meeting venue and lodging facility do not need to be the same property, and do not need to be tribally-owned. If there are no recommended venues, describe any other amenities or services available. (NOTE: This is not a formal request for meeting facility proposals, however lodging/meeting venue proposals may be submitted separately. If your tribe is selected, ITEP/NTAA will obtain quotes from several lodging/meeting facilities in your area.)
  6. An extremely important feature of the meeting venue for this event is that it is 100% non-smoking, or at a minimum, that meeting space is physically separate from a casino or other smoking area. While this is not required, venues that offer 100% smoke-free meeting space will be prioritized over facilities that allow smoking. Is there meeting space available that is exclusively non-smoking?
  7. Please describe any public or private transportation options in the area that would accommodate airport transport throughout the event.
  8. The NTF is tentatively being slated for the week of May 14-18, 2018; would there be any concerns, from your perspective, of hosting the conference in this timeframe? (Note: final dates may change based on venue/lodging options.)
  9. What other information should be considered about the proposed location (benefits, restrictions, etc.)?
  10. What other information should be considered about your proposal to be a co-host?
  11. Please provide contact information for the primary point of contact submitting the proposal so that we may follow up if needed.

Proposals should be submitted by email or fax no later than September 8, 2017 to:

Lydia Scheer, ITEP Program Manager

Phone: 928.523.6887

Fax: 928.523.1266