Employee Training for Sexual Harrassment ITKSNE Nov 20

Effective practices play an important role in the sustainability of the tribal community workplace. Attentive, focused, and effective tribal staff that understand the importance of Human Resources and Customer Service processes is important in obtaining your Tribal mission. This training will give Tribal Administration, Boards, directors, supervisors, and staff an overview of the basics of effective tribal practices.

Training Including:

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • The Positives of Conflict/Handling Conflict with Difficult Employees
  • Servant Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Ethics & Confidentiality


  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Through the media, we see headlines daily of sexual harassment in the workplace and Indian Country is not immune to its effects. This training will provide tribal staff with an understanding of what actions, words, comments can be construed as sexual harassment. Additionally, it will provide a foundation for supervisors to develop policy and grievance processes to create a workplace that is free from unwanted sexual harassment.
  • Drug Free Workplace: Drug/Alcohol abuse is prevalent across Indian Country and Tribal employees are not immune to the role drugs play in their communities. Tribes have a stake in protecting their workplace from alcohol and drug abuse by providing education about the dangerous effects and providing encouragement to its staff to seek help should they find themselves involved in drugs. This training will raise awareness to Tribal directors, supervisors, and staff about the impact drugs and alcohol have on the workplace and provide guidelines for establishing drug free policies and procedural recommendations.
  • Customer Service: Providing Customer Service requires planning and analysis of your current relationship with vendors, tenants, and tribal staff. In this training we will talk about best practices and ways to motivate staff to stay committed to customer service as a means to maintaining positive business relationships
  • Servant Leadership: The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first… This training will look at the characteristics of servant leadership and how Native Americans are traditional servant leaders of their communities and it can be incorporated into your tribal community today.
  • The Positives of Conflict/Handling Conflict with Difficult Employees:Conflict happens everywhere and is a natural part of business. It is experienced in every workplace, and tribes are not immune. The natural give and take between people is a healthy way to create “constructive discontent” and discover new approaches to challenges. This training will look at the types of positive and negative conflict and provide an understanding of the different styles of conflict resolution.
  • Ethics & Confidentiality: Ethical Confidentiality is important when working in any aspect of the Tribal sector. Many federal programs and grants have specific requirements when receiving or utilizing their programmatic funds, including have its own inclusive confidentiality or ethics policy. In this training we will look at how to maintain ethical practices and confidentiality at the tribal level, when reservations are small and family and friends all work and live together in close proximity.