Latest News from the National Native Homeownereship Coalition
Spring 2019
Greetings from the CICD!

We closed out 2018 and ushered in 2019 with a broad conversation with our partners across Indian Country about the Tribal Leaders Handbook on Homeownership. Our work in 2019 extends this engagement by adding more web resources and creating a curriculum for the Handbook for practitioners.

In this issue of the National Native Homeownership Coalition (NNHC) newsletter, we are excited to share new resources for creating homeownership opportunities across Indian Country and the priority objectives of the Working Groups. We also recognize some of our amazing leaders as they pursue new endeavors!

Communications for Handbook on Homeownership Specially designed power point presentation and slide-by-slide video. 

Tribal leaders webinars with NCAI Spur action and support greater access to affordable housing and homeownership.

Handbook Curriculum by Enterprise Community Partners Enhances capacity for practitioners to create or expand housing programs or options. 

Native Manufactured Housing Toolkit by Rural LISC Rural LISC is creating online resources to guide manufactured housing in Indian Country.

Updates from the Working Groups Homebuyer Readiness – Preparing Families for Homeownership Lending Systems – Streamlining the mortgage process

Member Spotlight – United Native American Housing Association Homeownership Capacity Initiative with nine participating tribes.

Recognition of NNHC Star Contributors Well wishes to departing NNHC leaders as they move on to new endeavors.   Read NNHC Newsletter

We recently launched the Native Housing and Homeownership Resource Clearinghouse, a comprehensive compilation of resources to make homeownership more accessible in Indian Country, especially on trust lands. The online curated clearinghouse offers:

– Successful homeownership programs across Indian Country
– Loan programs and mortgage documents
– Model tribal laws and MOUs
– Foundational reading and a research bibliography
– Videos and webinars
– Opportunities for engagement – communication resources for taking action on housing and homeownership (guided power point presentation and video)

Native Housing & Homeownership Resource Clearinghouse

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