SWONAP Weekly Info Bulletin June 11 2018

HUD’s Southwest Office of Native American Programs is pleased to share the attached Information Bulletin highlighting Training Opportunities, Funding Announcements, and Tribal News throughout our southwest region. For additional program information, HUD’s PIH Notices to Tribes and TDHEs are electronically posted to the internet at http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/ih/regs/notices.cfm.  Additionally, find government forms and applications on USA.gov’s Government Forms page. 


We hope you find this information helpful. Your feedback is always appreciated. If you know of any news, trainings, funding opportunities, or would like to share some success stories, please email me at Deborah.S.Broermann@hud.gov .  If you have questions or need additional information from our office, please feel free to contact us at (602) 379-7200 or visit our website at www.hud.gov/codetalk.   


Download the HUD’s Southwest Office of Native American Programs Weekly Information Bulletin 6/11/2018 here >>