US EPA Brownfield Grant Opportunities

US EPA Brownfield Grant Opportunities –

The FY18 Assessment, RLF, and Cleanup Guidelines are now available on  Supplemental guidance documents (FAQs, checklists, etc.) are available on the OBLR webpage at:

FY18 Guidelines for Brownfields Assessment Grants (EPA-OLEM-OBLR-17-07):

FY18 Guidelines for Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grants (EPA-OLEM-OBLR-17-08):

FY18 Guidelines for Brownfields Cleanup Grants (EPA-OLEM-OBLR-17-09):

EPA will host its annual National Guideline Outreach Webinar on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 1:30 pm Eastern.  Participants can join the webinar at:


The US EPA Brownfields Program enhances public health by reducing public exposure to hazardous substances and petroleum products in our towns, cities, and neighborhoods. By enabling the cleanup and reuse of brownfield sites, the program sparks economic development that leads to vibrant communities.

Brownfields grants empower state and local officials to address blight and assess and cleanup abandoned and under used properties.  Once blight and environmental contamination is addressed, the reuse of brownfields can spur community revitalization and economic development. The Brownfields Program promotes community engagement.  Community revitalization succeeds when the local community embraces the planning, assessment, cleanup and reuse of brownfield sites and actively works to ensure brownfield reuse is consistent with the needs of the community.

Cumulatively, the program has assessed 26,405 brownfields properties, cleaned up 1,505 properties and made ready for reuse 5,693 properties. In 2016, program funding addressed 957 sites making 7,354 acres ready for reuse by communities.

More information on the US EPA Brownfield Program available at: